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A Note to My Readers

First and foremost, an apology for my long silence.

Second, a note explaining why, and why I am unlikely to be posting much, if at all, for a while.

A lot has transpired since I wrote in mid-November about becoming my own superhero. Most importantly, I engaged with a writing coach and started working on a novel for tweens. I have no idea if I will write something publishable, but after three months or so of almost daily attention to the project, I am quite certain I will finish the book. I’m having fun and feel especially good about sticking to my promise to work on something for me. That is exciting.

But, it also means I have had no time and no energy for this blog. And in total frankness, I am unlikely to find time or energy for it until this project is finished. For those of you that enjoy my musings, please be sure to have subscribed, as if/when I am truly inspired over the next several months, I will make time to record my thoughts in this space. I currently do plan to return to more regular postings when this project is complete -- if that changes, I will post another note to finish what I have started here.

With that, thanks for reading, and signing off for now.

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