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Holding my Head High

Jim and I developed a bad pandemic habit of watching the 6PM news. Other than on Sunday mornings when we have always enjoyed watching "This Week" while parallel processing our To Do lists, we never were TV news people. We read multiple newspapers, newsletters, and magazines, and we listen to podcasts, but the nightly news has always seemed too full of overly dramatic headlines and soundbite stories. Still, as we start to resume “normal” post-pandemic behaviors, we continue to find ourselves tuning in, even if we now catch it commercial-less on Hulu before bed.

Last night, I was so glad we watched. Most of the newscast focused on analyzing the Biden-Putin summit, and most of the coverage wasn’t very exciting. But it was such a joy to hear our President reiterate the messages he delivered to Putin about protecting our country and human rights. More so, how terrific to catch the footage of Biden turning back to address the press spontaneously when one reporter shouted out the question: “Why are you so confident that Putin will change his behavior?” President Biden didn’t miss a beat. He shook his head and forcefully said: “When did I ever say I was confident? What I said was what will change his behavior is…”

No need to recount the nightly news -- It doesn’t matter what he said. What was wonderful was watching him push back on the press, fine to acknowledge that his meeting was a firm step, but also a first step. He asserted our authority and our intentions to defend ourselves with Putin. He didn’t need to pretend all was solved, and he would not allow the press to distort his message.

It has been four long years since I have felt proud of a President. Four years of Trump was a forever of shame, the first time in my lifetime that I could not hold my head high with non-US colleagues or acquaintances knowing my President had clear values and cared about human decency. I don’t agree with Biden on many things, but I have great respect and I am thankful for his leadership.

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