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Measuring this Work

I haven’t posted for a bit, and I have been feeling bad about it. I am really enjoying the time I spend on this work, but we were in Durham all week, and between doctors’ appointments, seeing friends, some golf and a lot of shuttling around, I just couldn’t find enough space to focus on it.

Until this week, I had posted almost every weekday, and I do believe there has to be some regularity and commitment involved. For me, the flow is part of what makes the blog real and worthwhile as part of my portfolio of activities. But my inability to find time this week did make me think about what standards I want to set for myself around how frequently I post. Conscious consideration around frequency gives me both a goal and a way to measure this work. Assuming I have readers, it also lets them know what they can expect, and that feels important too.

So, to my few current readers, here’s my plan for now: post when inspired and I can give the writing the time it deserves. Don’t post when it feels like a chore or if it would add too much to an already full schedule. Prioritize this activity, but don’t let it cause stress. Let the work come from a place of desire to share something and feel an obligation to it, but don’t make it a job.

This week was full of inspiration, but no time. Next week, hopefully there is time, and if inspiration doesn't strike, I’ve noted the ideas!

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