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Year One Reflections

When I started writing this blog, I told myself I would give it until the end of 2021 and see if I was enjoying it. My goals were almost entirely about me: Will I come to see the blog as a fulfilling way to voice my thoughts? Will I look forward to the process of writing and editing? Will I find the effort to be a burden or something I enjoy? Will I be inspired to record stories about myself, my family, and my surroundings as a kind of posterity process — a way my grandchildren will be able to understand their family before their time? And in the spirit of total frankness, I probably secretly harbored a hope that the blog would speak to others, that it might become more than just a personal endeavor.

At first, I let the decision to write be about inspiration. I would invest the several hours it takes me to post when I felt I really had something interesting, fun, or solemn to impart. About a month ago, I decided to add more discipline and started to schedule time to blog on a weekly basis – in part to see if I liked making writing a routine and in part because I actually have a VERY small but loyal following. And I am enjoying the writing – a lot. I am committed to continuing the blog into 2022. I still have no idea if it holds value for anyone other than me and those few non-family members that read it without obligation, but I’m going to push off that question and work on a writing discipline for a while.

That said, it’s December 18; I have been trying to find time this week to write and have failed. It was scheduled on my calendar, but not in realistic timeframes, given I have slept in three different states and been on four flights since Sunday. On every one of those days, I have either had a full calendar of appointments, more pressing obligations, or I have been with my husband or daughter, just having fun.

I’m now settled for two weeks in Beaver Creek – no more planes or hotels until January. Still, my kids are now home for three weeks; our extended family arrives in five days; I continue to work with my three students on their college applications, and they all have early January deadlines to meet. My head just isn’t in blog writing, and sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to commit to any kind of routine for the next few weeks. I guess this is not really a bad thing, except for the blog. Outside of the anticipated multitude of grocery runs and other errands, I will be enjoying working on puzzles, playing cards, watching movies, cooking with others, snowshoeing or otherwise exercising, reading and so on. As I mentioned, it usually requires a few hours to write an entry – so unless I am inspired by something so incredibly timely that I feel the need to lock myself away, I’m signing off until my kids go back to school.

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. And, thank you for reading my musings this past year. I’ll see you in January.

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